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Hymns for Sunday, June 16, 2024 
For the Bible Lesson Sermon: God the Preserver of Man

Hymn 454 

Brood o’er us with Thy shelt’ring wing,

’Neath which our spirits blend

Like brother birds, that soar and sing,

And on the same branch bend.

The arrow that doth wound the dove

Darts not from those who watch and love. 


If thou the bending reed wouldst break

By thought or word unkind,

Pray that his spirit you partake,

Who loved and healed mankind:

Seek holy thoughts and heavenly strain,

That make men one in love remain. 


Learn, too, that wisdom’s rod is given

For faith to kiss, and know;

That greetings glorious from high heaven,

Whence joys supernal flow,

Come from that Love, divinely near,

Which chastens pride and earth-born fear, 


Through God, who gave that word of might

Which swelled creation’s lay:

“Let there be light, and there was light.”

What chased the clouds away?

’Twas Love whose finger traced aloud

A bow of promise on the cloud. 


Thou to whose power our hope we give,

Free us from human strife.

Fed by Thy love divine we live,

For Love alone is Life;

And life most sweet, as heart to heart

Speaks kindly when we meet and part.


Hymn 99

He that hath God his guardian made,

Shall underneath th’ Almighty’s shade

Fearless and undisturbed abide;

Thus to myself of Him I’ll say,

He is my fortress, shield and stay,

My God; in Him I will confide. 


His tender love and watchful care

Shall free thee from the fowler’s snare,

From every harm and pestilence.

He over thee His wings shall spread

To cover thy unguarded head.

His truth shall be thy strong defense. 


He gives His angels charge o’er thee,

No evil therefore shalt thou see;

Thy refuge shall be God most high;

Dwelling within His secret place,

Thou shalt behold His power and grace,

See His salvation ever nigh.

Hymn 465 

Dear Shepherd, You are Love divine,

You meet my every need.

Where fields are green and waters still

I rest, I drink, I feed.


Your love restores my thirsty soul,

And leads me from the wild

To walk in ways of Truth and Life

As Your beloved child. 


And even when the shade of death

Suggests that we can part,

No fear of evil enters here;

Your strength and guidance, ever near,

Bring comfort to my heart. 


Your goodness spreads before my eyes;

No enemy You know.

Your oil is poured upon my head;

My cup, it overflows. 


Your grace and mercy every day

Bring blessings from above.

I’m living in the house of God,

The consciousness of Love.




HYMNS will be posted in time for the next Sunday church service

Order of Sunday Service

1. Hymn. 

2. Reading a Scriptural Selection. 

3. Silent Prayer, followed by the audible repetition of the Lord’s Prayer with its spiritual interpretation. 

4. Hymn. 

5. Announcing necessary notices. 

6. Solo. 

7. Reading the Explanatory Note on first leaf of Quarterly. 

8. Announcing the subject of the Lesson-Sermon, and reading the Golden Text. 

9. Reading the Scriptural Selection, entitled “Responsive Reading,” alternately by the First Reader and the congregation. 

10. Reading the Lesson-Sermon. (After the Second Reader reads the BIBLE references of the first Section of the Lesson, the First Reader makes the following announcement: “As announced in the explanatory note, I shall now read correlative passages from the Christian Science textbook, SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy.”) 

11. Collection. 

12. Hymn. 

13. Reading the Scientific Statement of Being, and the correlative SCRIPTURE according to I John 3:1–3. 

14. Pronouncing Benediction.

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